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Originally written for and published by Model Behaviors March 30, 2015*

True health isn’t complicated, nature having provided everything we need to thrive. Yet these days we’re getting hung up on how much protein, calories, fat, sugar, or singular nutritional value make up this or that. Why? Who knows. However, we are the sum of all our parts, and nature designed food to be that way too!

Therefore, we need to shift our focus from processed foods to whole foods and also look at where our food was grown, how it was grown and most importantly, what kind of seeds whatever we’re eating sprouted from! Don’t worry, we’re not ones to think this transition of thought will happen overnight. Instead, let’s start with something easy.

Years ago, before they were available everywhere you turned, I was curious when my friend said he could make fresh nut milk at home. I mean, I wasn’t that into downing a glass of “regular” milk, and nuts… hmmmm. More importantly though, how long was this going to take?! Three minutes to be exact. And in that time, his fresh and frothy nut milks changed the game for me. Fast forward and I still prefer making these at home to anything I purchase!

My personal recipe for almond milk is below. You can also try cashews, walnuts, or any other nut really! Either way, I think nut milk is the perfect complement to my morning breakfast smoothies, or mashed potatoes or anything else I’m whipping up in my kitchen!

Try it and hope you enjoy!





2 handfuls of organic (raw) almonds*

4 ½ to 5 cups of filtered water

1 spoonful of coconut oil

dash of pink Himalayan sea salt

1 glass container with a seal-tight lid


1 organic vanilla bean pod (not extract)

3-4 pitted Medjool dates

few pinches of lemon zest shavings

ALMOND MILK INSTRUCTIONS In your vitamix (or blender) pour in all above ingredients plus tbd the optional ones. Puree for about 2 minutes. Then, over a bowl, hold your nut milk bag and pour the nut milk mixture in. Twist, and holding the top of the bag together squeeze. Keep squeezing till the liquid has stopped coming out. Yes, you’ll feel like you’re milking a cow! Dump out the almond pulp in a separate bowl, rinse the bag and repeat. Then, once you’ve strained the milk, transfer it into a large glass container and voila, fresh almond milk read to enjoy!


*if you’re worried about almonds, you can substitute them with cashews, walnuts, Brazil nut… really any nuts will do. Even oats, flax and hemp seeds!

**this article, including links and images, was updated and edited from the original in 20/20.

***while our personal favorite nut milk bag and containers are linked above, these are only suggestions as many others will do.


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