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Originally written for and published by Model Behaviors April 2, 2015*

Sometimes you just need a fresh start—shedding the old, cleansing the pallet, reevaluating and changing direction. As spring begins, the season dedicated to life beginning anew, what better time than now to do this.

I mean, warmer weather, longer days, the sun shining brighter, animals and people seeming happier, the farmer’s-market overflowing with produce— everything sings of a new life! Everything!

It’s a time in nature where vibrant colors are popping up everywhere! Personally I’ve never met a color I didn’t like, and many times, I’m guilty of thinking the more the merrier. More recently though, I don’t think there’s anything fresher or more vibrant than shades of the non-color white.

Above are a handful of sustainable spring fashion looks from some of my favorite go-to brands. They’re simple and sophisticated, and transition perfectly into spring! Oh, and did I mention that these looks are all animal-friendly and sweatshop-free! Quality over quantity!

Now, some might question the environmental friendliness of this color choice because of the sheer amount of maintenance involved in keeping it crisp and clean. I don’t disagree, but with so many other things to worry about these days (mainly plastic), let’s not be overwhelmed by the words sustainable, animal-friendly, biodegradable, and plant-based. Instead, let’s look good while saving Mother Nature, and keep our whites well white! For those of us that limit and/or forgo environmentally friendly dry-cleaners, my go-tos for washing are Mrs Meyers and Seventh Generation’s detergents and Ecover’s non-chlorine bleach.

With Earth Day right around the corner, followed by Fashion Revolution Dayon April 24, let’s start creating ripples that matter!

Happy Spring Shopping!




*this article, including links, designers and images, was updated and edited from the original in 20/20.

**product images from our favorite brands pictured above include: Dôen, Everlane, Mara HoffmanMate the Label and of course Stella McCartney along with her vegan Stan Smith sneakers!


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